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I’ve being reading a lot of books about minimalism lately. One frequently mentioned topic is embracing boredom. Enjoying being in the present moment and noticing the small things. It seems reasonable. Minimalism is partly (if not mostly) about contentment.

But for me, it doesn’t work. I’m not sure if it is depression or ADHD, but I cannot leave myself alone with my thoughts for too long. If I’m not planning something or thinking up new ideas, I must be doing something. Something that uses my mind or feels productive. It is not about whether I’m content on a greater scale with life or not, I just have to stay constantly active. Whether it is cleaning the house or working on a project. The goal does not have to be about gaining anything of significant value.

I’ve taken away a lot of things from these books, and have implemented them into my life, but this something I find difficult. I wonder if it will affect my success on a minimalist approach to things in the future.


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